About Us

Two people sharing the same dream and a vision started Sensible Addictions in 2009 to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices with excellent service. Although the people may have changed, the vision remains the same. Simply put: Better products, Better Service—Sensible Addictions! 

One of our key concepts is to allow our clients to be able to personalize and customize our products for their use.  As an example, you can add fragrances to our unscented products or add additional fragrances to our scented products. This allows you to have exactly the scent you want, creating your unique, “Signature Scent.” You can also add options such as glitter and shimmer to create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind product just for you. Another unique option we offer our customers is the ability to "personalize" our labels. This means you can include a special message or even better, you can upload your own label design making this a great option for gifts. Check out our "Customizing & Personalizing Your Productspage here for insight. 

While other companies have come up with products specialized for mixing with limited capabilities, we use the same RICH, HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS as our regular line. Sensible Addictions products are among the finest available on the market today. 
From the packaging to the products themselves, we and our manufacturers ensure that every detail is the best it can be. Today, our products are available in the US and Canada. Before even opening our store, we had been working on our line and planning for more than two years! As the company grows, we have plans to expand our product offerings and introduce new concepts. Check back regularly for additions to our product lines! We would like to personally thank you for your consideration. We trust you will find our products everything we have envisioned. If you have feedback about our products or service, visit our Contact Us page to provide comments and suggestions! We are always working to make your experience better.