Natural Bath Products

A woman enjoying natural bath products

Self-care is a wonderful pastime. When you take the time to bathe and care for your skin, you simultaneously cleanse your body and your soul. The relaxation experienced during a luxury bath is unmatched, and when you use quality lotions or bath bombs, you experience a treat for all of your senses.

Sensible Addiction Bath & Body offers a variety of natural bath products for you to enjoy. From lotions to bath bombs, our products will help you feel good, look good, and smell good.

Our Products

We offer many different natural bath products, including:

  • Bar soap. The most basic cleaning product, bar soap is nonetheless an important part of hygiene, and quality bar soap goes a long way.
  • Bath bombs. Toss one of these in your bath and turn the bathing process into a feast for the senses.
  • Moisturizer. Keep your skin healthy and young by moisturizing daily with our quality products.
  • Bubble bath. Add some whimsy to your routine with bubble bath; fun for kids and adults alike.
  • Foaming bath salts. The addition of bath salts lets you enjoy increased moisturizing effects and decreased stress.
  • Hand soap. You wash your hands a dozen times a day; don’t you want to use quality soap when you do so?
  • Body wash. Even if you don’t have time for a luxurious bath, our shower gel will help you feel clean and invigorated after a quick shower.

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